Located in the Valley of the Five Châteaux in the heart of the Dordogne in the Périgord Noir region of South-West France.

There is so much to see and do in the area with a wealth of year round attractions and places to visit. From dipping into the rich history of a wealth of chateaux, exploring beautiful villages, hunting for bargains and food treats in markets and brocantes, canoeing down the Dordogne river, adventuring into prehistoric caves, taking in beautiful gardens, walking or cycling along stunning routes or simply gazing upwards at the amazing hot air balloons. No two days need be the same and you will never run out of things to do whatever time of year you visit.

Further information can be found on Le Guide du Perigord.

Beaux Villages 

La Maison de Pont du Cause is located within a short drive of many of the most beautiful villages of the Dordogne. 

Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is a 25 minute walk along the River Ceou, La Roque and Beynac both a five minute drive or more adventurous 1hr walk, Domme and Belves are both a twenty minute drive with Limeuil and Monpazier under 40 minutes drive. 


Situated in the Valley of the Five Chateaux, Chateau de Beynac, Chateau de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and Chateau des Milandes are all nearby and open throughout the year. Beynac and Castelnaud hold the secrets to the history of the Hundred Years' War, while Milandes has a more current history having been the private home of Josephine Baker. 

There are many chateaux in the area with equally interesting histories.


A key ingredient of a great holiday is a visit to a local market. There you’ll be able to pick up food and drink to make your own amazing meals, buy local specialities - foie gras, duck, walnuts and wines from the region and soak up the French country atmosphere over a coffee or glass of something stronger. 

Sarlat (Wednesday and Saturday), Domme (Thursday), St Cyprien (Sunday) and many more to explore.

Brocante shopping Dordogne


If you are searching for unique and interesting items for your home a brocante is the place to be. They take place throughout the region and include stalls selling items ranging from antiques, vintage goods and second hand items. 

There are several in the area with permanent locations which are always worth an explore. A morning at a brocante, sipping a leisurely coffee is never time wasted!

Bikes, Dordogne River

Walking and cycling 

There are a number of exciting walking and cycling routes to explore from La Maison du Pont de Cause. There are tracks and trails to suit everyone - whatever your appetite or ability! 

Walking distance from the property is Bike Bus where you can rent or arrange collection of hire bikes and get advice on local routes.

AllTrails is a great app to find local walking routes. 

Caves and paintings

Prehistoric sites 

The Dordogne has a wealth of famous prehistoric sites to explore. Most famous are the cave paintings discovered at Lascaux dating back to around 18,000 BC. A replica of these can be visited at Lascaux IV a mere 40 minute drive. 

Nearby Les Eyzies has prehistoric caves and grottos to explore as well as the National Museum of Prehistory.

Gardens of Marqueyssac


There are several exceptional gardens to visit in the area. 

Le Jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac a mere six minute drive. One of the most visited gardens in France. Set on a rocky spur overlooking the Dordogne River. 150,000 boxwoods trimmed by hand into perfect and beautiful shapes. Worth a visit any day of the year and the location of weekly candlelight evenings in the summer. 

The Gardens of Eyrignac Manor a mere 35 minute drive. Made up of seven gardens of differing styles over ten hectares. It has a focus on sculpted box, yew and hornbeam inspired by 18th-century designs.  Weekly white party picnic evenings throughout the summer - where a white wardrobe is a must!

Also nearby are Le Jardins D’Eau, Jardines de Limeuil and a mere 500 metre walk is Jardins de l’Albarede.

The Dordogne river

The Dordogne river 

The Dordogne river has a special place in the Dordogne. Vital for trade, connecting communities and now offering a range of exciting opportunities for people to explore the region. 

Walking and cycling along the river are a must with Castelnaud, Beynac and La Roque all walkable from the property. 

There are a wealth of local companies offering canoe or kayak hire with routes of varying length. An excellent way to take in the area from a different and unique perspective.

Equally exciting - but perhaps a little less energetic - you can enjoy a lovely pleasure cruise along the river on a gabarre - a traditional flat bottomed boat - previously used to transport goods along the river. 

For the more adventurous try a sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride - many of which come over the property throughout the summer - and are a unique and graceful sight.

Château de Monbazillac

Food & Wine 

The French love their food and there is a wide range of restaurants in the local area, many highlighted in the Michelin Restaurant Guide. The annual Truffle Festival in January and Goose Festival in March are both held in Sarlat a mere 20 minute drive.

There are a range of local weekly food night markets - marches gourmands - with the nearest within walking distance in Saint Cybranet. 

Equally important to French living is the love and exploration of wine. There are a number of local vineyards producing a variety of wines, wine bars and stores to buy local wines of the region. 

If you want to explore a little more head to Bergerac or further to the Saint-Émilion vineyards or fit in a trip to Bordeaux to explore a great city and visit many of the local vineyards or enjoy the delights of La Cite de Vin in the heart of Bordeaux itself.


La Maison du Pont de Cause, 36 Place de la Croix, Pont de Cause, 24250

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